GX Ultra-Lightweight Ergonomic Air ShaftG890 External Element Shaft

Advanced slitting systems, knives,
air shafts, and core chucks

Since creating the very first air shaft, we've been committed to building products that are durable, designed for easy use, and engineered for reliable, long-lasting operation. As a result, what you will find are the most effective slitting and winding products on the market today, including our innovative line of standard and ergonomic core shafts, differential winding shafts, reel spools, air chucks, Boschert safety chucks, pneumatic and electronic knife holders, and slitting systems (commonly called slitters).


Knifeholders for Slitters

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Core Shafts

Tidland Core Air Shafts

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Tidland GX Ultra Lightweight Air Shaft

GX Ultra-Lightweight Ergonomic Air Shaft

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